Born again

  1. Is it necessary to be born again?
    • It is absolutely necessary to be born again to be saved and enter the Kingdom of God.
    • St. John 3:1-7; I Pet. 1:23; Titus 3:5

  2. How did Jesus expect Nicodemus to know about the "new birth" from the Old Testament?
    • Jer. 31:33; 32:39; Ezek. 11:19;18:31; 36:25-27; Ps. 51:10; Isa. 1:18-20; 55:6

  3. The New Birth is not:
    • Water baptism, church membership, reformation, trying to do better, making resolutions to quit bad habits, giving money or service to the church, or trying to be a Christian without the life of Christ inside.

  4. Is it possible to be born again without Jesus Christ?
    • No. Salvation is through a Saviour, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Matt. 1:21; Acts 4:12; Rom. 6:23; I John 5:11-13; Luke 19:10.

  5. Is it for every person?
    • Yes, "whosoever will."
    • John 3:16, 17; Rom. 10:13; John 4:10-15; Rev. 22:17

  6. Why is it necessary to be born again and thereby receive salvation?
    • a. Because you have sinned.
      • Rom. 3:23; 1 John 1:10; Isa. 53:6.
    • b. Because of your lost and fallen condition:
      • (1) Your sins have separated you from God. Isa. 59:1,2.
      • (2) Mankind is depraved and inclined towards sin.
        • Gen. 6:5,6; Psalm 53:2,3; Isa.64:6; Eccl.8:11.
      • (3) The penalty of your sin.
        • Rom. 2:11-13; Rom. 6:23.
      • (4) You are spiritually dead.
        • Eph. 2:1; I John 5:12; St. John 3:36.

  7. How can a person be born again?
    • I. God's Part.
      • (1) Jesus Christ died in your place and for your sins so that you can be forgiven and receive that new life.
        • I Cor. 15:3; Isa. 53:5,6,12; Gal. 3:13; Heb. 2:9; I Pet. 3:18; Heb. 9:28; I Pet. 2:24; Rom. 5:8.
      • (2) Forgive sins.
        • Heb. 10:16,17; I John 1:9; Isa. 55:7; Isa. 43:25; Isa. 44:22, 1:18.
      • (3) Give Spiritual Life. Eph. 2:1,5; I John 5:11 13; St. John 3:1-7.

    • II. Your Part.
      • (1) Choose to be. Choose the way of Jesus instead of the way of Satan; choose to call on the Lord for salvation. Choose whom you will serve.
        • Josh. 24:15; Rom. 10:13.
      • (2) Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Absolute trust.
        • John 3:16-18; John 8:24; I John 5:10.
      • (3) Receive Him. John 1:12.
      • (4) Repent. (Be sorry for your sins - confess them - leave them.)
        • Acts 3:19; Acts 2:38; Luke 13:5.
      • (5) Confess Christ openly. Rom. 10:9,10.
      • (6) Be Baptized.
        • Acts 2:38; Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:19.

The dove represenst the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit we are restored to paradise, led back to the Kingdom of heaven, and adopted as children, given confidence to call God "Father" and to share in Christ's grace, called children of light and given a share in eternal glory.

The man represents a praying Jesus.

Jesus is the only way for us to live an abundant life here on earth, or receive eternal life in fellowship with God. Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins so that we could be sinless in the eyes of God. If we do not receive the free gift of eternal life by experiencing the forgiveness achieved by Jesus, then we will receive the punishment we so justly deserve.

The cross represents the Truth.

The cross forever shows that the attitude of Jesus toward sinners was neither condemnation nor condonation, but rather eternal and loving salvation. Jesus is truly a savior in the sense that his life and death do win men over to goodness and righteous survival.

The head represents the Conscience.

A picture of a brain to represent our conscience. The conscience continues to trouble the sinner even though it is trampled on. Yet it is there, and in the quietness of some moment it will judge and condemn, producing guilt and fear.

He gave me a new Garment.

The windows of heaven are open,
The blessings are falling tonight;
There's joy, joy, joy in my heart,
Since Jesus made everything right;
I gave Him my old tattered garment,
He gave me a robe of pure white;
I'm feasting on manna from heaven
And that's why I'm happy tonight.

The eye represents God`s eye.

A picture of an eye to represent the ever-present eye of God. He sees all we do. He hears all we say. There is no place to hide from God.
Hide from God/

The star represents the Trinity.

God is a trinity of persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is not the same person as the Son; the Son is not the same person as the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is not the same person as Father. If any one of the three were removed, there would be no God.